54.0 BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Novell® and Research In Motion (RIM) collaborate to deliver stellar support to the thousands of customers accessing GroupWise® on BlackBerry devices. This partnership has resulted in strong solutions for end users and administrators alike.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution* provides a complete wireless platform that allows organizations to extend the their Novell GroupWise messaging application and other enterprise tools to mobile professionals. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides users with mobile access to e-mail, instant messaging (IM), calendar, personal information management (PIM) and applications - all from a single wireless device. In addition, with BlackBerry push technology, these users are automatically sent up-to-date information while they’re on the go.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server software is an important element of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. It is designed to provide IT departments with simplified management and centralized control of wireless devices in a secure, scalable and flexible architecture. BlackBerry Enterprise Server v.4.1 for Novell GroupWise includes several new features to enhance end user productivity and back-end administration. These features include Novell GroupWise Messenger support, enhanced support for PowerPoint and Web Doc attachments, group- and role-based administration, localized data pass-through and SMS/PIN/call log auditing.

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