21.0 Moving a Clustered GroupWise 7 System from NetWare to Linux

For general information about moving from a NetWare® cluster to a Linux cluster, see Converting a NetWare Cluster to Linux in Installation and Setup in the OES Novell Cluster Services 1.8.2 Administration Guide for Linux. It is possible to have a cluster that includes both NetWare and Linux servers. Therefore, you can move your GroupWise® 7 system from NetWare servers to Linux servers one component at a time. However, all of the servers on the failover list of each GroupWise component must be of the same platform. For example, a domain and MTA on a NetWare server cannot fail over to a Linux server; they must fail over to another NetWare server.

Ideally, you should administer a GroupWise system on Linux using the Linux version of ConsoleOne®, which is available from Novell Product Downloads site.

The GroupWise 7 Installation Guide provides the following sections to help you move components of your GroupWise system to Linux:

GroupWise 6.5 cannot run in a cluster on Linux. Therefore, if you have a clustered GroupWise 6.5 system, you must update it to GroupWise 7 before you can move it into a Linux cluster.