POA Statistics Box Shows Undeliverable Users

Problem: At the POA console, the Statistics box shows a large number of undeliverable users. Undeliverable users can be encountered using either mapped drive connections or TCP/IP connections. Undeliverable users are counted differently from undeliverable messages. For example, a single message could be addressed to 10 users; perhaps 9 users received the message successfully but 1 user was undeliverable.
Possible Cause: If messages cannot be delivered to a particular user, that user might have a damaged user database (userxxx.db).
Action: In ConsoleOne, perform maintenance to correct any problems with the user database so messages can be delivered. See Maintaining User/Resource and Message Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.
Action: Check the POA log file for other reasons why messages cannot be delivered to specific users. See Using POA Log Files in Post Office Agent in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.