POA Starts Unwanted TCP/IP Thread

Problem: Even though you have started the POA using the /notcpip startup switch or disabled the Enable TCP/IP option in the POA Agent Settings page in ConsoleOne, the POA still starts a TCP/IP thread.
Explanation: When you select Client/Server Only or Client/Server and Direct as the access mode for a post office and use the /notcpip switch when starting a POA, that POA does not accept incoming client/server connections from GroupWise clients. However, it still starts a single TCP/IP handler thread if TCP/IP is configured on the server. The purpose of this TCP/IP thread is to notify any GroupWise clients connecting to another POA in the post office via TCP/IP they should reread the database because a new message has been delivered by a POA that is not using TCP/IP.
Action: To totally disable TCP/IP processing in a post office, set the access mode for the post office to Direct Only and start all POAs servicing that post office with the /notcpip switch, or deselect Enable TCP/IP in the Agent Settings page in ConsoleOne.