POA Fails to Respond to MTP Configuration Changes in ConsoleOne

Problem: You change a POA link configuration or network address setting in ConsoleOne, but the POA does not respond to the change. For example, you change from a mapped or UNC link to a TCP/IP link between the POA and the MTA, or you move the POA to a different server and change its IP address. If the configuration change does not replicate successfully to the post office database, the MTA link to the post office becomes closed.
Action: If you do not want to stop and restart the POA to open a closed post office link, change the configuration information back to what it was before you tried to change it. The MTA should then be able to open the post office link again. After communication between the POA and MTA is re-established, make the configuration changes again. Wait for the configuration changes to be replicated to the post office database (wphost.db), then start the POA in its new location.
Action: Stop the POA, then start the POA using the /mtpinipaddr and /mtpinport switches to specify the new IP address and port the POA should use for Message Transfer Protocol (MTP) communication with the MTA. After the link is established and all administrative messages have been processed, you do not need to use these startup switches again.
Action: Stop the POA. Rebuild the post office database (wphost.db) to replicate the configuration changes. See Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.