POA Is Involved with Network Operating System or Hardware Problems

Problem: The POA is interacting with the network operating system or hardware in an undesirable way.
Possible Cause: If you just updated the NetWare® POA software, you might not have unloaded the agent engine (gwenn5.nlm), resulting in a series of Loader cannot find public symbol: symbol errors on the server console.
Action: Unload gwenn5.nlm, then start the NetWare POA, so that the newly installed agent engine is loaded along with it.
Possible Cause: The NetWare POA server is running older software, resulting in TCP_HANDLER errors on the server console.
Action: Make sure you are using the most current TCP/IP stack for NetWare.
Possible Cause: The POA server is overburdened, resulting in SYN attacks.
Action: Make sure overall server utilization is not too high. Increase the POA’s TCP/IP resources. See Adjusting the Number of Connections for Client/Server Processing in Post Office Agent in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.
Possible Cause: The POA server is overburdened. CPU utilization on the server where the NetWare POA is running jumps to 100% and the POA seems to be taking all available resources. GroupWise and other objects on the server are out of sync with other servers.
Action: Run DSREPAIR.