MTA Status Box Shows a Closed Location

Problem: At the MTA agent console, the Status box shows a closed location.
Action: Check for details about why the location is closed. See Displaying MTA Status Information in Message Transfer Agent in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide.
Action: Check the configuration status for the closed location. See MTA Configuration Status Isn’t Open.
Action: Check the last closure reason. This information can help you determine the source of the problem. Common last closure reasons include:

For more information, see Message Transfer Agent Error Messages in GroupWise 7 Troubleshooting 1: Error Messages.

Action: In Configuration Status Details, check the directory paths for mapped and UNC connections or the IP addresses and port numbers for TCP/IP links. Make sure the correct locations are displayed. Make sure the locations exist, and verify that the database (wpdomain.db for a domain or wphost.db for a post office) is there in the specified location. Do not use eDirectory™ paths.
Action: If it is a new location that has never been open, verify the links between domains and post offices. See Understanding Link Configuration in Domains in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide. Make sure mapped and UNC path specifications are in the correct format. Do not use eDirectory full context paths.
Possible Cause: A domain or post office has been moved incorrectly.
Action: When you move a domain or post office to a new location or change its link type, you must make various configuration changes in ConsoleOne. If the domain or post office becomes closed as a result, the reconfiguration changes might not have replicated down to the agent in the reconfigured location before other changes prevented the replication from happening at all. Rebuild the location database (wpdomain.db or wphost.db). See Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases in Databases in the GroupWise 7 Administration Guide. This ensures that the reconfiguration changes are replicated to the location. Then restart the agent for the location.
Possible Cause: The MTA server has insufficient memory.
Action: Make sure the server where the MTA is running has adequate memory. If the MTA starts running out of memory, it starts shutting down connections. See Agent System Requirements in Installing GroupWise Agents in the GroupWise 7 Installation Guide.