POA Redirection List Shows Failed TCP/IP Connection

Problem: At the POA console, client/server statistics show a failed TCP/IP connection.
Action: Under Client/Server Statistics, use Show Redirection List to list existing POAs and the IP addresses of the computers they are running on.
Action: Under Client/Server Statistics, use Check Redirection List to determine which connections are currently valid.
Action: If a connection is listed as failed for a POA, use the ping command to see if the server is alive. If the server does not respond to the PING command, you must resolve the TCP/IP problem before the POA can use the link successfully.
Possible Cause: TCP/IP is not functioning correctly on the POA server.
Action: If the POA is running on a Windows server, make sure TCP/IP is correctly installed and set up on the server where the POA is running.
Possible Cause: Multiple servers are trying to use the same IP address.
Action: Check for conflicting IP addresses between those used by POA servers and those used by other servers. Only one server at a time can use the same IP address.