9.3 Converting a Secondary Domain to a Primary Domain

You can change which domain is primary if it becomes more convenient to administer the primary domain from a different location. You can, however, have only one primary domain at a time. When you convert a secondary domain to primary, the old primary domain becomes a secondary domain.

To convert a secondary domain to primary:

  1. In ConsoleOne, connect to the primary domain, as described in Section 9.1, Connecting to a Domain.

  2. Make sure there are no pending operations for the primary domain, as described in Section 4.5, Pending Operations.

  3. Browse to and select the secondary domain you want to convert.

  4. Click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > System Maintenance.

    System Maintenance dialog box
  5. Click Convert Secondary to Primary.

  6. Specify the path to the secondary domain database, then click OK.

    The GroupWise View in ConsoleOne displays the primary domain with a red underscore.

    GroupWise view displaying the new primary domain