25.1 Domain Databases

The domain database (wpdomain.db) in each domain contains all administrative information for the domain, including:

The first domain you create is the primary domain. In the primary domain, the wpdomain.db file contains all administrative information for your entire GroupWise system (all domains, post offices, users, and so on). Because the wpdomain.db file in the primary domain is so crucial, you should back it up regularly and keep it secure. See Section 31.1, Backing Up a Domain.

You can re-create your entire GroupWise system from the primary domain wpdomain.db file; however, if the primary domain wpdomain.db file becomes unusable, you can no longer make administrative updates to your GroupWise system.

Every domain you create after the primary domain is a secondary domain. The contents of secondary domains are automatically synchronized with the primary domain.

For the location of the domain database, see Domain Directory in GroupWise 8 Troubleshooting 3: Message Flow and Directory Structure. For additional domain information, see Section 40.3, Information Stored in the Domain.