12.1 Connecting to the Domain That Owns a Post Office

Whenever you change post office information, it is most efficient to connect directly to the domain that the post office belongs to before you begin making modifications. Performing administrative tasks in a post office while not connected to the post office’s domain increases the amount of administrative message traffic sent between domains.

To change your domain connection:

  1. In ConsoleOne in the Console View, click Tools > GroupWise System Operations. Click Select Domain, browse to and select the domain directory, then click OK.


    In the GroupWise View, right-click the Domain object, then click Connect.

    The GroupWise view identifies the domain that you are connected to by adding a plug symbol to the domain icon.

    GroupWise View identifying the domains to which you are connected

    The domain marked with the red underscore is the primary domain.

    For a discussion of cross-platform connection issues, see Section 4.1, Select Domain.