32.3 Restoring a Library

Typically, damage to library databases (dmsh.db and others) can be repaired using the database maintenance tools provided in ConsoleOne or using GroupWise Check (GWCheck). See Section 28.0, Maintaining Library Databases and Documents and Section 34.1, GroupWise Check.

If damage to the library is so severe that rebuilding databases is not possible:

  1. Stop the POA that services the library.

  2. Use the backup software for your platform, as listed in Section 31.3, Backing Up a Library and Its Documents, to restore the library.

  3. Restart the POA.

  4. To update the restored library databases with the most current information stored in other post offices:

    1. In ConsoleOne, run Analyze/Fix Databases with Contents selected.

    2. Run Analyze/Fix Library.

      For more information, see Section 28.2, Analyzing and Fixing Library and Document Information.