21.1 Libraries

A library is a set of documents and a database that allows the documents to be managed as a unit. A library must belong to a specific post office but can be accessed by users in other post offices. The GroupWise client enables users to store and manage their documents in the library. The GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA) transfers documents between the GroupWise client and the library.

Figure 21-1 Relationship between the Library and the Clients, Applications, and Users Who Use It

In ConsoleOne, a library can be viewed where it resides in the Novell eDirectory tree.

Figure 21-2 ConsoleOne View Showing its Location in the eDirectory Tree

A library can also be viewed in relationship to the post office that owns it.

Figure 21-3 ConsoleOne View Showing the Library in Relationship to Its Post Office

In the GroupWise Windows client, users can view a list of all the libraries to which they have access by clicking Tools > Options > Documents.

Figure 21-4 GroupWise Documents Setup Dialog Box

NOTE:This feature is not available in the Linux/Mac client.

Physically, a library consists of a set of directories and databases stored in the gwdms subdirectory of the post office, as illustrated in Post Office Directory in GroupWise 8 Troubleshooting 3: Message Flow and Directory Structure.

For complete information on libraries, see Section 22.0, Creating and Managing Libraries.