45.0 Configuring Internet Addressing

By default, GroupWise uses a proprietary address format consisting of a user’s ID, post office, and domain (userID.post_office.domain). However, when you install the GroupWise Internet Agent, GroupWise also supports native Internet-style addressing consisting of a username and Internet domain name (for example, userID@Internet_domain_name).

Internet-style addressing is the preferred addressing format if you are connected to the Internet, because with Internet-style addressing, users have the same address within the GroupWise system as they do outside the GroupWise system. For example, if John Smith’s address at Novell is jsmith@novell.com, this address can be used by users within the GroupWise system and users external to the system.

To set up Internet addressing, you do the following:

The following sections help you plan and set up Internet addressing: