72.1 GroupWise Exception Handler for the Windows Client

In the event that the GroupWise Windows client causes an exception (or “crashes”), GroupWise generates a GroupWise Exception Report. This report contains information that is useful in analyzing the problem that the client is having so that it can be solved.

The report is saved in \temp\grpwise.rpt. The \temp directory used is the one specified by the TMP environment variable, or if not defined by TMP, the one specified by the TEMP environment variable. If neither environment variable is defined, GroupWise uses the current the windows directory.

Each time an exception or crash occurs, a new report is appended to grpwise.rpt. If the file reaches 100 KB, the oldest reports (at the beginning of the file) are deleted.

The GroupWise Exception Report contains information such as the date and time the report was generated, the exception code, fault address, date of grpwise.exe, computer and username where the exception occurred, hardware and operating system information, process modules, raw stack dumps, and call stacks.