63.4 Configuring Polling of Monitored Agents

By default, the Monitor Agent polls all monitored agents every five minutes. You can adjust the poll cycle as needed.

At the Windows Monitor Agent server console:

  1. Select the root agent group to set the poll cycle default for all monitored agents.


    Select any agent group to set the poll cycle for the agents in the selected group.


    Select any agent to set the poll cycle for that individual agent.

  2. Click Configuration > Poll Settings.


    At the Linux Monitor Agent Web console, select one ore more agents, click Preferences > Setup, then scroll down to the HTTP Settings section.

    Poll Settings dialog box

    Unless you selected the root agent group, Use Parent Notification Options is selected and all options are dimmed. Deselect Use Parent Notification Options to set up e-mail notification for an agent group.

  3. Increase or decrease the poll cycle as needed, then click OK.