6.6 Publishing E-Mail Addresses to eDirectory.

The GroupWise databases and eDirectory both contain information about users’ e-mail address formats. When you change settings for users’ GroupWise e-mail addresses, you can publish the changes to eDirectory so that user e-mail address information matches in both places.

  1. In ConsoleOne, click Tools > GroupWise System Operations > Internet Addressing.

  2. Click Publish to eDirectory.

    Publish to eDirectory dialog box

    By default, users’ preferred e-mail addresses are published to eDirectory only in the format established in the Preferred Address Format field on the Addressing Formats tab. This publishes one e-mail address per user in the format established for your GroupWise system.

  3. Select additional options to publish additional e-mail addresses, as needed.

  4. Click OK to save the address publishing settings.