58.3 Adjusting Log Settings

  1. Log in to the Calendar Publishing Host Administration Web console, then click Logging to define log settings for the Calendar Publishing Host:

    Log Settings page

    Logging is enabled by default. Default settings are provided for the rest of the fields.

  2. Change the Calendar Publishing Host log settings as needed:

    Enable Logging: Deselect this option to turn off Calendar Publishing Host logging.

    Log File Path: The default log file location varies by Web server platform:

    Change the log file settings as needed:

    Max Size for Log Files: Specify in kilobytes the maximum size for log files. When the combined size of log files reaches this size the oldest log files are deleted.

    Max Log File Age: Specify the number of days for the maximum age for a log file. When a log file reaches this age, it is deleted.

    Log Level: Select the level of detail that you want recorded in the log file.

    Use Tomcat Log File: Select this option if you want the same information logged to the Tomcat log file as is logged to the Calendar Publish Host log file.

  3. If you make changes, click Save.