62.3 Monitor Web Console

The Monitor Web console is also platform-independent and can be viewed at the following URL:


Figure 62-3 Monitor Web Console

To create the Monitor Web console display, your Web server communicates with the Monitor Application (a component of your Web server), which then communicates with the Monitor Agent to obtain agent status information. This enables the Monitor Web console to be available outside your firewall, while the Monitor Agent Web console can be used only inside your firewall.

The Monitor Web console is divided into the Agent Groups window on the left and the Agent Status window on the right. Using the Agents Groups window, you can create and manage agent groups the same as you can at the Monitor Agent server console.

The Monitor Web console does not include some features that are available at the Monitor Agent server console and the Monitor Agent Web console. These are summarized in Section 66.0, Comparing the Monitor Consoles.