15.4 Understanding GroupWise Client Updates

After a post office is updated to version 8, users can run the GroupWise 8 Windows client or Mac/Linux client on workstations listed in Section 2.2, GroupWise Client Requirements. If necessary, they can also continue to run their older GroupWise clients, but they will not have GroupWise 8 functionality.

IMPORTANT:Users who need to proxy into other users’ mailboxes should not update to the GroupWise 8 clients until the proxy users’ post office has been updated to version 8. GroupWise 8 client users cannot proxy into users’ mailboxes that have not been updated to GroupWise 8.

For a list of new features in the GroupWise 8 client, see Section 14.0, What’s New in GroupWise 8.

For client update instructions, see Section 17.4, Updating Users’ GroupWise Clients.