17.2 Updating the Primary Domain

By following the instructions in Section 17.1, Installing the GroupWise 8 Software, you have installed the GroupWise 8 MTA for the primary domain. You have also installed the data dictionary (.dc) files to the primary domain. To finish updating the primary domain, you need to start the GroupWise 8 MTA. The MTA uses the new domain dictionary file (gwdom.dc) to update the domain database to version 8.

  1. Make sure that the GroupWise 7 MTA is no longer running for the primary domain.

  2. Follow the instructions for your platform to start the GroupWise 8 MTA for your primary domain.

    The MTA then updates the primary domain database (wpdomain.db) to GroupWise 8.

  3. Before you update post offices in the primary domain or any secondary domains in your system, make sure that the domain database has been updated by checking the Database Version field on the Identification property page of the Domain object in ConsoleOne.

    Domain Identification page in ConsoleOne
  4. To update post offices in the primary domain, continue with the next section, Updating Post Offices.


    To update other domains, skip to Section 17.5, Updating Secondary Domains.