36.4 Planning a New Library for a Clustered Post Office

The considerations involved in planning a library in a Microsoft cluster are essentially the same as for any other environment. You can plan a library for a new clustered post office by following the standard instructions provided in Creating and Managing Libraries in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide and filling out the Basic Library Worksheet or the Full-Service Library Worksheet. Then provide the library information on the System Clustering Worksheet.


Under Item 9: Document Storage Area Location, mark where you want to create the library’s document storage area.

If the document storage area will be located outside the post office directory structure and outside the cluster, specify a user name and password that the POA can use to access the server where the document storage area will reside.

IMPORTANT:Do not create the new library until you are instructed to do so in Section 37.0, Setting Up a Domain and Post Office in a Microsoft Cluster.