D.0 August 31, 2009 (GroupWise 8 SP1)



Novell Cluster Services on NetWare

Section 16.1, Understanding the WebAccess Components

Emphasized that if you have not clustered your Web server, you can install the WebAccess Application on a Web server that is outside the cluster where the WebAccess Agent is installed.

Novell Cluster Services on Linux

Section 18.0, Backing Up a GroupWise System in a Linux Cluster

Added information about using the GroupWise Target Service Agent for File Systems (TSAFSGW) on Linux.

Microsoft Clustering Services on Windows

Section 36.5, Planning GroupWise Resource Groups

Explained that multiple Internet Agents or multiple WebAccess Agents cannot run on the same node at the same time.

Mobile Devices

Section 49.0, BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Added links to BlackBerry documentation and support sites.