47.2 Configuring Evolution

In order for users to access their GroupWise mailboxes from Evolution, they must configure Evolution to access their GroupWise accounts.

  1. Click Edit > Preferences, then click Mail Accounts.

  2. Click Add.

  3. On the Identity page, type your e-mail address, then click Forward.

    Evolution Setup Assistant Identity page
  4. On the Receiving Mail page, select Novell GroupWise as your server type.

  5. Type the name of your mail server, your user name, and select whether to use SSL.

    Evolution Setup Assistant Receiving Mail page
  6. Click Forward.

  7. On the Receive Options page, select if you want Evolution to automatically check for new mail.

    If you select this option, you need to specify how often Evolution should check for new messages.

  8. Select if you want to check for new messages in all folders.

  9. Select if you want to apply filters to new messages in the Inbox on the server.

  10. Select if you want to check new messages for junk content.

  11. Select if you want to only check for junk messages in the Inbox folder.

  12. Select if you want to automatically synchronize remote mail locally.

  13. Type your Post Office Agent SOAP port number in the Post Office Agent SOAP Port field, then click Forward.

    If you are unsure of what your Post Office Agent SOAP port number is, contact your system administrator.

  14. On the Account Management page, type the name for the account, then click Forward.

  15. Click Apply.