A.0 June 26, 2012 (GroupWise 8 SP3)



Novell Cluster Services on Linux

Section II, Novell Cluster Services on Linux

Updated the examples of load and unload scripts for the MTA, POA, and GWIA.

Section 15.1.2, Selecting the Internet Agent Partition and Secondary IP Address and Forcing Use of the Internet Agent Secondary IP Address

Emphasized the importance of exclusively binding the Internet Agent to the secondary IP address on its server.

Novell Vibe

Section III, Novell Vibe

Updated for the product name change from Novell Vibe OnPrem to Novell Vibe.

Section 24.0, Accessing Your Vibe Site from the GroupWise Client

Emphasized that users must provide their GroupWise email address in their Vibe profile in order to take advantage of GroupWise/Vibe integration.