4.4 Checking the Link Status of the External Domain

The GroupWise MTA has monitoring capabilities that let you determine whether the domains in your system are properly linked to the external domain. When you look at the MTA’s operation screen, you should see the external domain added to the domain count in the Status box.

If the link to the external domain is closed, the MTA should be logging and displaying the reasons under its Configuration Status function. The most common reason that a direct link is closed is that the MTA cannot attach to the server or volume. There can be various reasons for a failure to attach. Make sure the server where the closed domain is located is not down. If you are using a mapped drive or UNC path for the direct link protocol, the NetWare MTA startup file must have valid /user and /password switches to connect to the other system. If you are using the Windows MTA, verify the UNC path or drive mapping to the closed domain.

If you are using a TCP/IP connection as the direct link protocol, the MTAs on both systems must be properly configured with the IP addresses and port numbers for the defined TCP/IP links.

For more information about link protocols, see Managing the Links between Domains and Post Offices in Domains in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.