9.0 Why Merge GroupWise Systems?

If you are consolidating organizations or combining departments, you might want to merge two or more GroupWise 5.x 6.x, 7, or 8 systems rather than connect them (see Connecting to Other GroupWise Systems).

WARNING:When merging systems, do not merge a domain from one system into another system if the merged domain is a newer version than the primary domain of its new system. For example, do not merge a GroupWise 8 domain into a GroupWise system whose primary domain is version 7. The primary domain in a GroupWise system must always be at or above the version level of all secondary domains in the system.

You can achieve the same GroupWise functionality for your users by merging systems or by connecting them. Therefore, the question of whether to merge GroupWise systems is mostly a matter of administration:

If you want to merge a GroupWise 5.x, 6.x, 7, or 8 system into your GroupWise 8 system, continue with Section 10.0, Planning the Merge.

If you do not want to merge the systems, but they are not connected and you would like to have them connected, see Connecting to Other GroupWise Systems.