B.0 August 31, 2009 (GroupWise 8 SP1)



Directory Structure Diagrams

Section 7.2, Post Office Directory

Clarified the difference in functionality in the wpcsin priority subdirectories when using mapped/UNC links vs. TCP/IP links, added the gwdca subdirectory.

Section 7.3, MTA Local Queue Directory

Noted that the location for MTA log files is different on Linux.

Section 7.6, Caching Mailbox Directory

Added default Caching mailbox directories on Windows Vista, Linux, and Mac.

Section 8.3.4, Document Viewer Agent Working Directory

Added the gwdvannn.ste files.

Section 9.0, Web Application Installation Directories on Your Web Server

Updated the Web server installation directories.

Section 10.2, Linux Software Distribution Directory

Added the clusterimport.conf file.

Section 11.3, Mac Client

Updated the Mac client installation directory.