11.0 Caching Mode

Caching mode stores a copy of your network mailbox, including your messages and other information, on your local drive. This allows you to use GroupWise whether or not your network or Post Office Agent is available. Because you are not connected to the network all the time, this mode cuts down on network traffic and has the best performance. A connection is made automatically to retrieve and send new messages. All updates are performed in the background so your work is not interrupted.

You should use this mode if you have enough disk space on your local drive to store your mailbox.

Several users can set up their Caching Mailboxes on a single shared computer, as described in Section 16.1.2, Logging In to Your Mailbox from a Shared Workstation.

Your system administrator can specify settings that do not allow you to use Caching mode or that require you to use only Caching mode.