1.2 Starting GroupWise WebAccess

You start GroupWise WebAccess as you would any other home page on the Internet.

To log in to WebAccess:

  1. Use your Web browser to go to the URL your administrator gives you, such as http://server/gw/webacc, or an IP address such as

  2. On the GroupWise WebAccess login page, enter your username and password.

  3. Select your connection speed:

    • High (Broadband), which has all the features that are available in GroupWise WebAccess. Use this default setting if you have a high-speed Internet connection.

    • Low (Dial-up), which looks the same as the default high-speed interface but does not auto-update your message list and calendar. It also does not support name completion.

  4. (Conditional) If you’re using a mobile device, select Use the basic interface.

    The basic interface has limited functionality and graphics. It is designed to perform the most basic tasks in GroupWise WebAccess. To close the basic interface, close all Web browsers and launch WebAccess again, making sure to deselect Use the basic interface.

  5. (Optional) If you use the same browser to log in to GroupWise WebAccess every time, select Remember My Settings to save your preferences.

  6. Click Login.

    Your GroupWise mailbox opens.