10.3 Becoming a Proxy User in Another User’s Mailbox

  1. In the Main Window or Calendar, click File > Proxy.


    Click the Mode Selector, then click Proxy.

  2. To add a user, type the name in the Name field, then click OK.

    The user’s Mailbox is opened. The name of the person for whom you are acting as proxy is displayed at the top of the Folder List.

    If the user has not yet given you proxy rights in his or her Access List, the name is added to the Proxy List but the user’s Mailbox is not opened.

  3. To remove a user, click the name, then click Remove.

  4. To return to your own Mailbox, click the folder list header drop-down list, then click your name.

HINT:You can work with several Mailboxes open at one time. (Click Window, click New Main Window, then switch to the Mailbox you want.) You can tell the Mailboxes apart by looking for the Mailbox owner’s name, which appears as the root folder label for each Mailbox.

Removing a user from your Proxy List does not remove your rights to act as proxy for that user. The user whose Mailbox you access must change your rights in his or her Access List.