8.6 Sending an Alarm to an Electronic Pager

You can set an alarm in your mailbox or calendar to notify you about the status of a message through an electronic paging device. Notify must be running for you to receive notification of alarms, incoming items, or a change in status of outgoing items.

To set up alarms to be diverted to a pager:

  1. Make sure Notify is running.

  2. Right-click Notify icon in the Windows notification area, then click Options.

  3. Click the Alarms tab.

    Notify Options dialog box with the Alarms tab open
  4. Click Send to Pager.

  5. Specify the SMTP address for your electronic pager. For example, 8001234567@example.com.

    You can also use the GroupWise Pager Gateway addressing syntax. For additional information, see Configuring Paging Services in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

Notify sends the subject of the appointment to your pager at the designated alarm time.