18.0 Novell Vibe OnPrem

NOTE:Novell Vibe OnPrem is the new name for Novell Teaming. Regardless of whether you are currently using Vibe or Teaming with GroupWise, the integration with GroupWise is essentially the same.

GroupWise 8.0.2 and later provides tight integrations with Novell Vibe OnPrem, which can enhance your GroupWise collaboration experience by providing additional tools and functionality that are not inherent in e-mail applications, such as persistent discussion forums that allow users to join ongoing conversations, powerful workflows that automate daily processes, team workspaces that enable people to work together, and more.

Before you can use Vibe OnPrem with GroupWise as discussed in this section, Vibe must be installed and set up by your GroupWise administrator, as described in the Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1 Installation Guide and in Configuring GroupWise for Use with Novell Vibe in the GroupWise 8 Interoperability Guide.

This section describes important ways that you can leverage Vibe OnPrem functionality directly from the GroupWise Windows client.

See the Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1 User Guide for complete usage instructions.