19.1 Scheduling a Conferencing Meeting within GroupWise

For convenience, you can use GroupWise to schedule Conferencing meetings. This enables you to leverage GroupWise features such as Busy Search, so you know when users are available to attend a meeting. Also, this enables Conferencing appointments to display in your GroupWise calendar.

When you schedule a Conferencing meeting within GroupWise, GroupWise automatically includes the URL to your Conferencing meeting in your GroupWise appointment.

  1. Click Appointment icon on the toolbar.

  2. Click the Conference tab.

  3. Sign in to Conferencing using your Conferencing username and password.

  4. Select This appointment is a conference.

    Conference Tab Options
  5. From the General tab, specify the following information for your conference:

    Room Name: Specify a room name for your conference.

    Key: Specify a key for the meeting if you want to make the meeting private. Only users who know the key are able to attend the meeting.

    Require email: Requires attendees to enter their e-mail address when they join the meeting.

    Pre-registered email only: Users are not permitted to access the meeting unless they are either invited to the meeting or they are preregistered for the meeting. When accessing the meeting, users are required to enter their e-mails address.

    Repeat Option: Select whether you want this conference to repeat every day, every week, every month, or never.

    Countdown timer: Starts a countdown timer one hour before the meeting starts. Users are restricted from registering for the meeting after the countdown timer starts.

    Show recording after meeting: Provides a link to the meeting recording on the widget after the meeting.

    Show chat transcript after meeting: Provides a link to the chat transcript on the widget after the meeting.

    Registration fields: Requires users who registered for the meeting to provide a first name, last name, and phone number. Users can also provide a company name, state, and job title if they want.

  6. Click the Features tab to specify additional settings.

    Conference Tab Additional Options

    Audio/Video: Use the drop-down list to determine audio and video availability for the meeting.

    Auto microphone: Automatically assigns microphones to the first two attendees who join the meeting after the cameras have been assigned. If the camera is enabled, the host is automatically assigned a camera. If Auto microphone is selected, then the first user who enters the meeting is also assigned a camera.

    Public Chat: Enables attendees to chat with all other attendees.

    Auto hands free: Enables users who have the camera or microphone assigned to them to speak without needing to click Talk in the Audio/Visual Broadcaster.

    Private Chat: Enables attendees to privately chat with meeting host or other attendees.

    Computer Screen: Enables you to share your computer screen.

    Web pages: Enables you to share a Web page.

    Participant list: Displays the participant list, so attendees can see who else is participating in the meeting.

    Assistant: Displays the Meeting Assistant when users first access the meeting. The Meeting Assistant provides options to share the computer screen, share the whiteboard, or share a presentation.

    Whiteboard: Enables you to share your whiteboard.

    Documents: Enables you to share a document.

    Recording: Enables you to record the meeting.

    Lobby: Provides an area where attendees wait before the meeting begins.

    Participants: Select the number of expected participants for the meeting. The maximum number allowed might vary, depending on your Conferencing license.