Install Fixes

515000	Issues with the language abbreviation changes
447592	Allow user to change the install path
459949	When adding proxy account using webaccess the account does not get saved in the list of recent proxies when the user id contains a space

Admin Fixes

326246	Global Signatures in text mode that use extended characters do not display well
349886	Admin message now includes senders ID when message size restriction is exceeded
383495	Using the Invalid Associations utility returns Edirectory aliased objects as invalid
440099	Wrong translation of Internet Addressing options in German
440583	D105 Directory Services Error when syncing caching mailbox after a mailbox was moved
446725	Default date for locking out snapins inserts incorrect date
461148	Edirectory group information not getting synchronized with GroupWise automatically and requires manual synchronization
472077	Difficulty restoring user's mailbox through Backup/Restore Mailbox option in ConsoleOne
482180	ConsoleOne Snapin for Teaming integration suggest insecure protocol
521209	External System Sync is not replicating user information correctly if they are members of multiple groups
212295	Password changes made through LDAP are not synchronized to remote mailbox
143492	Confusing text in GroupWise admin UI when making changes that affect Internet email address

Engine Fixes

294808	Incorrect Status sending to a distribution list as
443517	POA PFPE Abend in GWENN5.NLM processing a file
458147	Prevent handing off .pdf (and other potentially troublesome files) to Stellent to prevent crashes
497759	GWENN5 Abend in WpfPartialFreeField
522862	PFPE Abend in, GWCHK-<post office name>-Worker Process

POA Fixes

345876	User move never completes when source and destination Post Office have the same name
354289	GWPO.DC file need a determined attribute to let the POA starts
417411	E700 errors in post office
420886	When running in a cluster, POA should bind to the secondary ip address associated with cluster vol and not the node IP address on which the POA is running
424946	POA abend GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@flmCurInitQFRepository+E03
438340	Scheduled Events for Mailbox Statistics produce inaccurate reports
440353	POA  randomly dropping
442314	GW8 POA CPU Hog Detected by Timer abend
459167	Performing a Find comes up blank
464533	SizeOfAllocBlock detected corrupt trailing redzone, GWTCP-<PO Name>-Handle Process
466659	POA shutting down threads
467772	GWlogger abend
469937	Application connection needs safeguards
470051	POA crash in- NgwrepLiveReq
474038	Abend in GWENN5 on POA
481269	Freeing kernel memory in useraddress space
481618	POA Page Fault in OpcGetIFP
482135	GWENN5 passed an invalid pointer to memcpy
485465	MTP Port closes automatically
486543	PFPE GWTCP -Farm Handler
495113	POA Abending in GWTCP-GCS--Handler_7 Process
496897	POA won't start if LDAP server object contains multiple LDAP servers
502918	POA log show extra characters when displaying source address for inbound external mail
502994	Russian admin message no longer being sent in Russian
505524	POA TCP Handler Abends
507631	POA Crashing because of TCP Handler
515295	USERLIB.NLM abend. Unknown EIP
517187	Password lost after mailbox move
517781	POA crash
521782	D11A error more than 6000 fields
522051	PFPE GWCHK-<post office name>-Worker Process
525726	TCP Handler crash in NgwBagGetExt
526618	GWTCP-CLKL-Handler abend

MTA Fixes

466999	NSS volumes go unresponsive when running GW agents on volume
474452	MTA reports D109 after changing users Internet Address
480196	Corrupt Message crashes the MTA
484517	GWMTA PFPE Abend ADA process
499942	Linux MTA is only delivering to 8 post offices
500230	MTA agent reports different values to GWMonitor for XML and SNMP
513263	Linux MTA eDirectory synchronization does not sync dynamic groups

Windows Client Fixes

235428	Address Book ZIP-code wrongly placed for European addresses
274259	Address Selector window garbled after clicking on the horizontal slider bar
352983	Name Completion does not handle the +Ÿ character correcly
426393	Address book only shows partial list of names
432840	Address book lookup or Name Completion shows no entry's after certain characters
438893	Sharing address book with additional users in caching mode revokes and reinvites already shared users
461015	Can not add contacts to CC and BCC when selected from Address Book while composing new mail in Chinese version client
464260	Distribution list membership to be sorted alphabetically by last name rather than first name
470029	Contacts with large notes cannot be imported or exported
481015	Address Book is not accessible when logged in as user without administrative privileges
495368	Cannot add delete members of shared address book and folder
502865	Client incorrectly filling in LDAP authentication password for Address Book
513336	NABs do not display eDir Distinguished name
523582	Users are removed from the document's shared list when using the address selector to add new users
251753	Dutch client shows decline message with no spaces in subject field
424283	No notification from Notify if an appointment is posted by a user different than the owner
509529	Renaming a resource object will cause d101 errors if the new name contains underscores
448231	Client settings locked in ConsoleOne , not getting synchronized to the remote mailbox
493825	Creating an archive while in cache mode results in an 8206 error
438305	Printer selection causes screen freezes and client hangs when attaching a file to a message
457842	Attaching a vCard from the Address book causes client to crash
468144	Can't send attachments with "open view after send" enabled
474588	Caching Mode crash in QuickViewer
477847	Changing 'From:' information while proxied into an account will cause a client crash 
122607	Printing incorrect year in Polish client
240820	Problem importing a .vcs file
257543	Week numbers are truncated on day and week views in Dutch
392626	GroupWise calendar multi-user view with Polish interface doesn't show the name of the day of the week
406394	Cannot print lines when printing the Weekly Text Calendar, if the "Print Separator Lines between items" is checked marked
425657	Importing of larger ICS files into a new calendar only imports\displays a few items
440377	Client crashes when closing with Month or with Month and Calendar view
450501	Calendar publishing agent throwing an exception when trying to access the published calendar in caching mode
457832	Issue when using modify recipient to add an additional recipient to an existing appointment
459098	Client doesn't read timezones information from registry when logging in as a standard user
462937	Calendar shows dates incorrectly
464475	New appointments in panel showing sub calendar, do not show up
466615	Recurring appointments from Teaming show up with wrong times
477947	Crash in the multi user calendar
481803	Using multiple values in the EXDATE property of an ICAL appointment causes GroupWise to ignore the recipient's local timezone information
491958	Personalized calendar appointments do not print personalization
515668	Message Body blank and iCal appointment not showing by default on Windows client
531503	Calendar does not display months correctly
417732	Replying to an email amd changing to an appointment type results in sender's name not appearing in To: field
123081	Unable to delete members from a group in Contacts folder
485805	Client crashes when Edit-Copy performed on more than about 5,700 messages
517778	Discussion View is broken with documents
216417	Attaching Document Reference to Mail Creates "Saved" Action in Activity Log
385698	Save As' in the Office button does not bring up the DMS dialog box on Excel or Word 2007
422698	The "Save" does not work until after the application is closed after making changes in Excel 2007
470323	Error is returned if attaching a doc reference thorugh a find
478112	Check In option not available  in the right click menu
523933	Client crashes when saving documents to GW Library
378716	Mail Link on Desktop does not work when the mail is in a shared folder
509095	Unable to drag and drop E-Mail attached to a forwarded E-Mails within a Proxy Mailbox
446549	Esc no longer clears filter box
477864	Client crashed on setting a filter
266229	Folders do not sort correctly if the folder name begins with an extended ASCII character
441273	Users moved to a different Post Office does not see new items in the Shared Folders
447838	Shared folder rights modifications does not get synchronized to caching/remote mailboxes
431048	Accent characters show as boxes in HTML View
387430	Links in an email that refer down the page return and error
440689	Client is using file extension associations instead of default browser to open HTML links
455738	When plain text view is the default, embeded pic should be shown as an attachment
474541	Client generated mimes truncate spaces in emails
475378	Plain text view strips space when message body contains bold text
494881	Crash forwarding/Replying to HTML email
495923	HTML Button HREF Does Not Launch Browser
505126	Cannot read Japanese characters when replied from Windows against Linux email
516523	Client crash in gwxplt1.dll when sending/opening HTML email
531230	Client crash when pasting a large text in a new email
465368	NNTP messages blank when using Word 2007 as the Editor
479557	IMAP connection time out when ACLs have been defined
490225	Mail merge through proxy sends from user, not proxied user
428395	Client Integrations are not enabled in Excel with NAL application
457542	Client doesn't read DefaultIPAddress and DefaultIPPort information from registry when logging in as a standard user
504914	Client still shows v8.0.0 in Add / Remove programs
514851	Unable to use integrations when client is installed with ZEN
520163	Japanese client installation missing  item names in Custom install options
521582	Can't uninstall the client after installing using GWTuner
289532	Cannot read the Unicode-1-1-utf-7 email with Japanese
290400	BRZ Overwrite in "FROM" Field does not work using HTML for email which are forwarded
296331	Cursor is placed back at the beginning of the subject line
419072	MHTML is not displayed correctly in correctly
440672	D107 error when trying to delete mail using the Mailbox Size Utility
456667	When selecting Word as the editor, it shows as Word 97/98 in all languages but English
468076	Sent Item properties get modified when the mail is deleted from trash
479811	HTML View unavailable for unique messages
489715	Opening EML files that have a txt attachment and no text displays the content inside the mail
492327	Add ability to reply to Sent Items
518536	Wrong number of unread mails
435824	When sending mail through Mail Merge in MS Office, resending through client will resend to incorrect user
518059	Mail Merge does not add Signature
124041	Client prints random symbols when priniting the day calendar view with Japanese characters in it
340392	Memory leak in Windows Client
408700	Office XP - File | Close can give errors after installaing client
456546	Remove the calendar display option from the properties of an rss feed folder
459201	Dragging the subject line of one e-mail to a new mail subject crashes the client
466048	LDAP AB proxy user definition does not stay recorded
488331	Large Sent Items sorting on something other than date jumbles the display
488488	Extended character in the password string caused crash
513444	Client crashes when closing messages or calendar items using Formative Applet
424800	Random Crash on  Multi-User Calander
490457	User crashes when clicking on Multi-User Calendar
510996	Multi User Calendar with ten+ users added causes grpwise.exe to remain in memory
257847	Posted Message button on the Toolbar shows " new Shared Folder Discussion" when hovered over by mouse
431361	Message in custom folder will not delete if opened from Notify
500014	Notify connects to the wrong mailbox, in unique circumstances
484545	Client crash when shutting down
195101	Can not change font size for printing in a text message does not display in print preview
404726	Subject not printing Polish characters
521272	Client crashes while printing multiple mails at once
480071	Private items will show up to proxy account when marked as free
485410	All mails cannot be seen when proxied into a user account in unique circumstances
511660	Bad Characters in the Proxy Drop Down in Cyrillic Client
469817	QuickCorrect list is empty and new words can no longer be added to the list
523918	Client crash on send/retrieve through MS CHAP v2 PPTP VPN
256611	BRZ: Using Reply format fills out wrong address when override internet address is used
467574	Reply doesn't show all users on the original message
479420	Reply wrong on Task canceled email
504642	Mails generated with reply and containing reply-to are not being sent
518289	Wrong email address in body on reply and forward
343514	Out of Office Rules sends more than one reply for recurring appointment 
391732	Recurring Appointments and All Day events shows incorrect duration when delegated to a user using a rule 
399181	For messages that have been marked as private by a rule the message status doesn't display as private
474558	If a rule has over 101 conditions the client will crash when editing the conditions of that rule
501116	Auto-Reply rule with mail receipts causing looping
487187	Client always asked to select certificate
407047	TO, CC and BCC field missing when saving the mail attached to an other mail as an eml
415151	PDF attachments save with a RTF extension
510823	Some text lost when saving as text message in client
464557 and 468194   Deleted signatures reappear after proxying to another mailbox
520463	Client does not sort subject with Japanese correctlyt
440352	Switching writing tools language cause the client to crash on WTWLE16.DLL
473231	Composing email underlines every word with redline
517747	Spell check is gray out - at times after composing email
520484	Client can not run spell checker in Japanese interface
491097	Status 'Complete' should be the most important status to display in Basic View
374558	Add % Complete to Properties Tab for Task
427992	D11B errors using the tasklist
458063	Token API RetrieveMime function FolderName and CreateFolder params does not seem to be working
461721	Can't save certificate permanently from ActiveID PIV card
520757	Unable to copy the grid from the excel sheet to message body
474586	Client crashes when emptying the trash folder
449614	Translation error in Polish client
472599	Client ignores DefaultIPAddress and DefaultIPPort values for non-administrative users
487499	GW client on Citrix looses focus when multiple emails are open
446257	Changing Frequent Contacts to a Personal Address Book (PAB)  in the contacts list jumbles a panel if you have it set to a PAB
489724	MSWord set as Default Editor will eventually crash the client
512254	Message Preview does not stick when viewed with View by Disccusion Thread

Linux Client Fixes

200095	GroupWise icons need to be made transparent 
205431	Hyperlinks are broken in plain text messages when they contain an ampersand
243484	Signature not applied when sending empty email
244904	Contents of message body empty is certain situations
270259	Unable to do a Ctl-C copy / paste from QuickViewer 
294433	Font size is automatically changed to previous font size when changing font size and entering double byte characters
346624	GroupWise Login dialog is blank because of XGL
374610	Calendar Printing is not printing the items with their corresponding calendar colors
429949	Wrong translation of  G úRe:G Ě � - when replying to a message in Chinese
437915	Printing calendar shows incorrect format
438409	Advanced find results are inaccurate at times
443629	Client crash when no apparent operations are occurring
450923	M+Guardian messages cause Linux client to crash
457982	Hotkeys not working properly in German client 
457985	ALT-D keystroke has a duplicate meaning in the German client
462975	Button for 'Set Always Available' under the work schedule sets NO available hours
468816	Second instance of GW started when mailing from another application
474459	Web links(URLs) are cut short when using some extended characters
478161	Crash when converting Mail to Posted Appointment of a proxied user
480502	Categories missing the scroll bar with large  number of entries
481701	Unable to select messages in a folder when 'ShowGroup Labels' display property is enabled
487146	Linux client does not recognize charset ISO-8859-2 encoding
510452	Cancel message closes window but still prompts to save 'Work in Progress'
520455	Error: Access denied [D124] POA Log file
524789	Caching mode automatic rebuild not fixing database problem

Mac Client Fixes

216683	Using "~" when creating caching mailbox folder on Mac clients does not create the folder in the home directory
455816	Unable to proxy to a mailbox whose visibility is set to none
468524	Yellow "parent message" is sometimes incorrectly displayed across the top of the message in QuickViewer
474072	Client crashes in JavaApplicationStub - JavaThread "MozillaThread"
484083	Dragging html message to a folder saves as eml but will then only open with Mac Mail
491634	With client set to Text Compose mode, unable to forward inline an html message
504280	Wrong message displayed in QuickViewer
516834	Mac & Linux clients give "Attempt to access controlled feature denied" error when modifying signature
521703	Replies to proxy messages are returned to the proxy user not the proxied account

Webaccess Fixes

342060	Viewer Abends on particular documents
468453	Unable to delete Address Book(s) with extended characters in them
459322	Japanese characters are collapsed in the authorized required messages dialog when clicking Cancel for connection timeout authorization dialog
468924	Extended characters are garbled after an Autosave, Save, Attach ...
499757	Auto-Save Feature not clearing Work In Progress files
515721	Webaccess does not autosave file in Work In Progress for Plain Text message
492361	Calendar not loading in IE8
525741	Accepting or Declining iCal recurring Appointments sends that many notification messages to the sender
467359	Send button  has the wrong word (wrong translation) in Traditional Chinese
472094	Cannot compose email in basic mode
510682	French extended characters are lost when reply is sent to a Yahoo account
465963	Find feature in simple interface of webaccess does not clear
209442	Received unreadable Japan, Chinese characters
294283	Focus returns to wrong location after deleting a message
374025	Provide option to select all user in the AddressBook search results
441748	WA does not use secondary IP address
464815	Webaccess process dies in Linux
465769	Webaccess Abend
471551	Missing Resend option in WebAccess
472093	ConsoleOne is configured for SSL but Webconsole shows HTTP over SSL is disabled
475867	After upgrade to GroupWise 8.0, POA not updating user databases on login via WebAccess
481097	GWINTER and DVA Crashing in Linux
481837	Webaccess replaces ISO-8859-2 with UTF-8 encoding when mail is opened
486420	Webaccess crash
506566	Infrequently Webaccess crashes and has a status of "dead" on OES2 Linux
515671	Java exceptions in GWAP Provider
521757	"Invalid Parameter" exception caused by GWAP Provider
524540	WebAccess crash
458098	Ability to Remove the "Save As" Option for Attachments in Webaccess
442334	Certain HTML documents display in the full GW client but not through WebAccess
473357	Messages open to a minimized state with GW 8 webaccess and IE6
490077	Extended characters not recognized in WebAccess from Hotmail and Lotus Notes
511351	MSIE 7: JavaScript error when a compose dialog is cancelled in Simple Interface
480110	GWINTER crashes when OPENING documents in Webpublisher

Internet Agent Fixes

247069	Mails stuck in GWPROB does not send notification to the Sender
404287 and 404898  GWIA is mixing pieces of the log file into message files and then marking them as bad
404897	GWIA Cores in address lookup routine
431461	GWIA does not follow generally accepted standards for handling of the SMTP VRFY command
438294	GWIA crashes every 10 - 20 minutes truncating logs
438304	Abend freeing memory
440345	Using Flatfwd switch deletes the mail
441517	Relayed "Forward as Attachment" messages getting messed up
441530	GWIA Abends on incoming messages
443431	GWIA.NLM - Memory Leak
444402	General Failure FF01 on GWIA Screen
456495	GWIA.NLM  freeing memory that has the rtag nulled out
459464	Having an incorrect path to the GWIA log file will abend the server when trying to unload GWIA
459494	GWIA memory leak
465028	GWIA removing attached files when FLATFWD switch is in use
466411	GWIA receiving .txt file with Russian characters incorrectly
466418	Mails that are forwarded as attachments are not readable
466764	Reply to all causes address in CC to change into the domain used in the from field
467881	GWIA on W2K3 crash with certain incoming messages
470666	Unable to read mails from a certain domain
474107	Unix server that creates a email with attachment and sends it to a GW server getting truncated to part.002
474437	MTA link to GWIA cycling open and closed with error 8209 reported in the MTA log
474866	Fix some log file problems
474910	GWIA decodes the same UUencoded attachment twice
479966	Mail body is not shown in client
481549	Mailer-daemon messages are sometimes looping
486737	GWIA puts mail in GWPROB when multiple filename is used (RFC 2231)
489050	Publish GroupWise Information while doing POP3
491773	No bounce back for relayed messages
492484	Unable to view attachments sent through uuencode command
493458	GWIA does not correct MIME with incorrect application type in the header
498758	Unable to download all future appointment through POP3 client
504885	GWIA merging text from two outbound messages
508592	GWIA on Linux/NetWare crashes/abends if Global Signuature is enabled on Relayed Message and message contains winmail.dat
515695	Mail From contains a blank space before the symbol > if /hn contains quotes
516045	GWIA not properly processing an attachment
517182	GWIA web console reports incorrect setting for "Ignore GroupWise Internet Addressing"
517480	Inbound Internet Email Causes GWIA to core
520676	Outgoing mails are using wrong ORCPT parameter to the ESMTP RCPT command
529811	Mails with Distribution Lists containing external users is not sent
497441	Attachments with long names result to emails being dropped

Calendar Publisher Fixes

456022	Calendars listed are not showing up as active links
459188	Calendar publishing agent throwing an exception when trying to access the published calendar in caching mode
508678	Calendar Publisher does not update automatically unless Tomcat is restarted 

Monitor Fixes

437620	Unable to monitor GroupWise messenger through GroupWise Monitor on Linux
471962	Have "warning" selected via the console does the web app show "unknown"
482957	Web Console returns the error: Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly
486383	MTA agent reports different values to GWMonitor for XML and SNMP

GWCheck Fixes

368247	Reassign Orphaned Documents not working as Scheduled Event
414762	Password for user is not reset when using gwcheck
456543	Threshold check in gwcheck does math incorrectly
472959	GWcheck generates DF0A error when using the "all" command for structural rebuilds
480608	Forwarded messages in archived mailboxes are deleted when a contents check is run
488725	GWCheck, Expire/Reduce, "items larger than" is disregarded unless it is 1024
500172	Exclude messages in WIP folder from being sent when user db is recreated
505304	Expire reduce does not reduce all prime DBs. Error is DF06
516597	GWCHECK adds an invalid entry in the Store catalog and does not adopt the database

DBCopy Fixes

337633	Help produced by Dbcopy executable confuses backup switches and migration switches
466847	Dbcopy to have an in place upgrade option for volumes on shared storage

Time Stamp Utility Fixes

459809	Error 930D in the logger screen running GWTMSTMP.NLM

iCal Fixes

232690	Recurring appts not fanned out when sending to Exchange
352649	External iCAL appointments when updated creates duplicate appointments without deleting the first one
447886	"Acceptance Storm" when accepting iCal from caching
472718	Accepting or ceclining iCal recurring appointments sends that many notification messages to the sender
509925	Content-type header should include "method=" for iCal but does not

IMAP Protocol Fixes

468421	Any application that connects using IMAP cannot see attachments that were sent using the GroupWise client
475667	IMAP via GWIA is not displaying extended character correctly
486826	IMAP and KOI8-R codepage does not produce correct characters

SOAP and SDK Fixes

206743	Root folder name returned from SOAP does not match what the client displays nor the OAPI
439527	Chinese character disappear from the subject line if appointment is sent from GMS
491527	GWXIS12.NLM - SOAP Abend
462825	C3PO command.Validate no longer working in Calendar view
487761	Objectapi in cache mode returns empty string for Account.PathToArchive
521067	Adress Book fields getting truncated after first character