326927 "Show in Tasklist" doesn't show in the "Customize Toolbar" options

378237 Appointment disappeared after Task is posted

397869 Color picker doesn't display correctly

415543 Highlighted folder stays on top when focus is not GroupWise

482288 Calendar Item Lists are half-displayed

497561 Organizations shouldn't be listed in Address Selector

515934 Command button 'Address ...' is odd in New Discussion of NNTP Account

519183 Cannot select a Category with double-click in Personalize tab

520361 Changing to Contacts with message open in QuickViewer doesn't close the message

521883 Unable to drag and drop panels between columns

524455 Deleting messages seems to put the cursor in the same location it was before delete

529688 Alarm icon does not show up despite alarm being set on appointment

530766 Delete and Empty command and shortcut doesn't work for new incoming items

530787 Incorrect shortcut for delete command in drop down menu for delete button in read view

532118 Exception and error-box with incorrect Calendar name

532843 Unable to send if visibility is set to none

532999 D107 errors when deleting messages

535058 Context Menu not appearing in Contacts Folder of Proxy user in empty area

535746 When doing a simple 'Find', the 'Attachments' field is missing in the search criteria with the 'Message' field

537492 Signed mails always show up with a red warning

539734 Can't mark message as "Read Later"

541669 Toolbar Properties window for calendar frame doesn't appear

542541 Pop-up menu in Rule's 'Define Conditions' dialog is placed incorrectly

553006 "On Exit" rules not working correctly

553625 Wildcard addressing in Mac/Linux client should return an error since it's missing functionality

554643 Option+Delete key combo to delete open message does not work

570809 RSS Feeds do not update or have the option to refresh

574583 Subscribed iCal calendars fail on clients if authentication required

611537 Name Completion adds incorrect recipients

692370 Cannot access security preferences page

692696 "Change to" function in client does not always send appointment

711479 Frequent Contact "Auto-Save" setting not honored with in caching mode

742159 Editing contents of calendars subscribed from Windows client become lost

742331 Categories are different

742416 Increase the default "VMOptions" memory settings for Mac client in Info.plist file

745631 The GroupWise app on Mac still shows as being a "Universal" app (including PPC)

746975 Line numbers missing in the stack traces of exceptions for release builds.

754620 Caching mode showing incorrect size when being set initially

754750 Client listens for RMI requests on all IP addresses

756501 Rebuild of caching mailbox is not displaying any feedback during rebuild process

758155 When dragging an accepted appointment to notes, appointment is deleted

759137 Accepting shared folders crashes the client

759182 Imported calendars do not show up in Caching mode

759407 When adding users into the "Notify" tab, they appear incorrectly until selected

761851 Mailto links not working

761854 Missing group member count information on personal or public groups

761855 When composing a new email right clicking on To:, CC: or BC: does not bring up the Address Selector as it does with the Windows client

762058 Font selection when replying to email is initially wrong

763027 ESC key doesn't close mail message window

763523 Client shows up in Web Console on the POA under C/S Users

765534 "New" menus are showing redundant/incorrect/inconsistent wording.

765550 Support IFB attribute in SAB and use it for external contacts

768214 Unable to create new appointment with double-click through Month view > Day view

768928 Unable to add new users to distribution list

769313 Services > Send File menu functionality not working in Lion and later