560338 -  Users created By IDM Driver does not replicate to the primary domain 
535900 -  Move a Document Storage location to Linux fails with 801 
542008 -  Getting error 0xDB57 on modifying preferred email address 
553050 -  Properties of Distribution Lists are not visible using German 8.01 snapins 
579442 -  Missing Identification Tab of Distribution List in ConsoleOne with 801 HP1 snapins 

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

603854 -  Worker threads hung on SOAP request from BES
589430 -  BES crash causing hung threads on POA
609929 -  Document reference attachments cause hung threads on BES

Calendar Web Host

609613 -  Logging into Calender Publishing URL gives an error that POA is not responding
546722 -  Published calendar shows appointments both 1 hour and 2 hours ahead 

Client (Linux)

574853 -  Some text gets dropped when including a large amount of text in a plain text send 
609671 -  Recurring Appointments sent by client has incorrect dates
538990 -  Attachment does not show when name is 'text.???' 

Client (Mac)

569415 -  Unable to login is SSL is required on the POA
543634 -  Linux and Mac are not able to display Subscribe calendars with prefix "Webcal://" 

Client (Windows)

589548 -  Jaws manifest files are not correct and give error when starting GW with them in the GW dir 
577206 -  Client crash Exception_Access_Violation gwxplt1.dll 
559941 -  Opening the properties of a user of a distribution list in the address book results in an error 
541792 -  Exported Address book (when working in Dutch) cannot be imported anymore 
591241 -  Selecting a few users in LDAP search results, grays out the rest , and sending from Address Selector corrupts address and fails to send 
579010 -  Address Book Contact export is not exporting the comments with carriage return 
558974 -  Custom Fields will not import properly into 8.x client from a 7.x export 
581373 -  Unable to restrict address book columns in client 
593638 -  Address Book crashes when trying to make changes to the Shared Address Book 
598329 -  “Mobile” in French should be “Portable” and not “Mobilis”
532667 -  User Defined Properties in the Personal Address Book cannot be seen properly by the sharee
559946 -  Unable to add a user in a group within Personal Address Book if addressing is set to First.Last or Last.First 
550538 -  Windows adds a comma to timezone causing appointments to show up incorrectly 
598322 -  “Tentative” in French should be “Possible”
584697 -  Newly created users do not see appointments after first login
599900 -  Crash while trying to modify appointment recipients
478866 -  Homepage Summary Calendar appearance changes after closing the client
586452 -  Error 8201 while accessing archive folder on Network Drive using Windows 7
557366 -  Need to modify the changing of an Archive path works so empty databases do not overwrite existing Archive 
491481 -  Duplicate Categories restoring mail from archive 
554350 -  Send to | Mail Recipient deletes the original file from the hard drive. 
547696 -  Attaching a second file does not return to the same folder where the first attachment was accessed 
559596 -  Crash when displaying a .xls file attachment in the email body 
574801 -  Attachments disappear when opened from unsaved draft item. 
607326 -  Client hangs when attaching file to message
598657 -  Forward file from a library becomes corrupt
544347 -  Crash in Windows Client 
541573 -  Password change not saving with Notify running with LDAP Authentication. 
558983 -  Busy search while sending appointment to more then 48 users at once hangs the client 
557489 -  Modifying information in Busy Search not working 
554352 -  Crash using ItemSaveInfo token 
556360 -  Close item event is not generated 
584855 -  Problems with C3PO and Find Results folders 
554355 -  VEVENT ending with a SEQUENCE property will not import properly
578459 -  Client crash when clicking on calendar 
611486 -  Calendar items disappear from Month View when scrolling month to month
583165 -  Marked private items not working with .ics files 
558064 -  Reset Multi User Calendar record. 
543847 -  In the calendar view, the option for MORE on categories is missing 
601156 -  Categories sent with GroupWise 7 causes issues
580471 -  Copy grayed out in menu 
610337 -  Default Sharing option on a library is not “sticky”
588416 -  Opening an integrated document creates a temporary file in the “My Documents” folder
543636 -  GetIntegrationState error with GW8 SP1 
542911 -  Dialog box focus problem when opening Excel or Word documents. 
538124 -  Can not save documents in any Library other then user's Default Library 
332496 -  Word documents getting lost when doing a save or save as a new document in the library 
580913 -  Cannot create a MS PowerPoint document with document integrations disabled for it 
578501 -  Error E511 after opening Word 2003 documents with read only rights 
553046 -  Client crashes while searching Calender items 
545160 -  Subject line in email is truncated or added with spaces 
575224 -  Certain HTML email content not able to be displayed due to white space in mime 
587890 -  HTML message does not fully display 
576676 -  Language interface error when upgrading from GroupWise 7.x
557359 -  Reply problem when client sends out user addresses with U.P.D format when cutting and pasting names 
568829 -  GW703 client against GW8 backend does not show status in Basic Properties 
598319 -  “Discussion Thread” in French is “Suivi de discussion” and not “Thread de discussion”
603395 -  Quickfinder Indexing on caching mailbox causes the client to be unresponsive
575393 -  Client crash in gwxplt1
565843 -  Delayed send shows wrong date
590161 -  New mail items show in wrong sort order when unaccepted, recurring appointments are present 
605281 -  Received items in “Check Mailbox Size” tool do not exist in folders
598325 -  “Remove from Favorites” in French should be “Retirer des favoris”
565972 -  Links in messages do not open in in IE7 and IE8 correctly
575225 -  Crash – address book deinitialization error
576630 -  Random crash in gwxplt1 
578522 -  Client not writing client language to user database 
544469 -  Random crashes on a Windows XP SP3 workstation
577432 -  NNTP access to a public forum still prompts for a user name / pw combo 
567271 -  Client crash
539933 -  User added to a Notify List is added twice
558095 -  LDAP password change generates D019, but still changes the password 
544692 -  Text lost in output to the printer 
556349 -  Crashes when printing multiple attachments while proxied. 
570242 -  Printing attachment with application ignores printer selection 
555104 -  HTML email print as text when using File | Print if the email has an attachment 
554785 -  Client crashes when proxying. 
556347 -  D107 error when trying to send mail or appointment when using Proxy users account in caching mode 
559817 -  Reply privately to a mail in shared folder removes the mail body in the reply 
595565 -  Username appears twice in the From field on Reply/Forward of email if the username contains a hyphen (-)
564515 -  In certain cases forwarding an HTML mail loses all carriage returns 
543679 -  Crash when replying to an email 
301892 -  Routing Slip returns unmodified original attachment if done via caching mode 
545519 -  While using routing slip, users are getting a "Disk is Full" message when trying to open up the attachment. 
536334 -  Rules with wildcard addressing do not display the wildcard when editing. 
423242 -  Rule Reply ignoring "Reply-To" header 
561397 -  NGW_UDW_SMIME_OPERATION field causing QuickViewer view problems 
572467 -  Unable to fully decrypt encrypted email 
557480 -  Client crashes with Entrust certificates. 
564463 -  Certificate support in GW8. 
559838 -  Sending digitally signed plain-text mail containing HTML part in mime 
558013 -  Client does not remember a save location. 
568272 -  Global Signature goes above the message body when using word as editor 
570594 -  Global Signature will be placed between the email text and the last character 
548796 -  Using Non English spell check causes client to crash 
560354 -  Certain language combinations do not work correctly with Spell Checker
565624 -  Spell language settings not saved on restart of client. 
578923 -  Portuguese Brazil language spell check missing 
579114 -  While replying, Spell Checker does not check the pasted misspelled texts from other application or old email 
584647 -  No option to accept reminder notes/tasks to personal calendar 
589411 -  Teaming consumes intruder detection after password change 
556364 -  "Error occurs when signing message." while trying to sign and encrypt the mail 
556372 -  Client crashing when sending encrypted email. 
576202 -  Launching IE7 from a Link in a GroupWise message results in a blank browser page. 
554344 -  Plain text view moves carriage returns around in signatures 
590193 -  Client crashes when changing view of calendar 
540334 -  Work In Progress folder shows that there are messages in there when the folder is empty 
550435 -  Work In Progress count erroneously increment or reduce the count until the poll comes through and fixes it. 

Document Viewer Agent (DVA)

580302 -  Segmentation Fault
549417 -  Webconsole will not enable for Document Viewer Agent 
539995 -  Document Viewer Agent taking 100% CPU Utilization 


556356 -  CPU hog abend in SERVER.NLM
558306 -  When replying or forwarding a rule generated mail content is gone 
573117 -  POA based GWCHECK doesn't complete Error DF2A 
586416 -  Stack overflow in gwcma1.dll 
573256 -  Users cannot purge email even though retention flag has been set 
614497 -  LIN_RECORDS deleted prematurely
536716 -  Failed LDAP password change can set connection into a bad state 

GroupWise High Availability (GWHA)

539977 -  GWHA starts multiple instances of MTA/POA when healthy agents are already running 
556729 -  Page Fault in SERVER.NLM|kSpinLockDisable after call from ChangeAddressSpace 

GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)

559298 -  GWIA coring multiple times during IMAP write buffer cleanup 
441403 -  Relayed "Forward as Attachment" messages garbled
477389 -  Users in Distribution List not showing up in TO: field, only one user does. 
556378 -  Crashes on corrupt message 
551171 -  IMAP: attachment name changed if contains Polish characters 
538659 -  IMAP high CPU when downloading mail that includes invalid recipients 
569968 -  Emails when received from specific domain when forwarded loses the attachment 
584309 -  Some messages slow to convert
532532 -  GWIA abend running process RecvConvert Process 
536669 -  ICal Files Show in client as a mail message 
557075 -  Multiple crashes in IMAP threads 
565020 -  GWIA crashes in NTDLL.DLL on Windows Server 2003 
550565 -  Message file will not get processed through GWIA


554357 -  Missing system folders due to wrong flag 
554246 -  GWCheck gives error 0xDF0A on Analyze/Fix
572732 -  Unable to set the Mime Encoding for all user through GWCHECK 
578509 -  Audit Report reports incorrect client usage. System information displays incorrect as well
579112 -  Contents daily job causes Linux POA to go unresponsive 
603360 -  Options not saved properly with gwcheck opt file
542011 -  DF0A while running recreate user database on archive or caching mailbox 


557360 -  DBCopy with -l -m switches moves post office data instead of copying it 


540003 -  GWTSAFS.NLM abends the server, when running the Backupexec Agent on the server. 

Install - Agent

539870 -  Upgrading Linux agents to 8.0.1 from 7.0.x causes ndsd to restart on OES2 sp1 Linux 


535959 -  INTL: incorrect translation in German - Finish is incorrectly translated as Finnisch 
537489 -  Calendar publishing will not install if the ip address of the server is a 10.x.x.x address 

Install - WebAccess

564283 -  English is the only language available for WebAccess during install 

Message Transfer Agent (MTA)

542013 -  MTA abend on message. 
554625 -  MTA not doing a DNS refresh when a link is down 

Post Office Agent (POA)

546177 -  POA coring 
524536 -  GWPOA abend on GWSOAP process
538701 -  POA on Windows Crash 
550577 -  SOAP thread gets blocked when trying to sync an address book entry 
543631 -  820A on Post Office Agent 
548272 -  Document Conversion Agent on Linux crashes
548275 -  Fix for performance issues
558168 -  SOAP core in NgwItem::gwtAttachment 
559378 -  IMAP stops responding after update to 8.01
559874 -  POA hangs with all threads used and busy.... new clients cannot connect 
577475 -  POA soap thread abends on NetWare frequently in or out of protected memory 
579138 -  POA crash, GWTCP Handler 
582479 -  POA crash
583401 -  POA sending invalid XML data to GMS causing messages not to sync with Web Pim 
588348 -  Post Office Files queuing up - Message worker threads stuck in delayed state
554746 -  Invalid A601 Error when opening documents 
556622 -  C006 errors on POA 
550867 -  Current Physical Connections exceed the Maximum Physical connections 
577227 -  POA IMAP Threads hung when IMAP is used by archiving application 
593774 -  Incorrect Free Busy URL stored in the Post Office if the Preferred Address Format is firstname.lastname@internetDomainName 
543527 -  POA on Windows Crash when doing a IMAP Fetch 
574221 -  Abend on POA 
586381 -  POA is not properly indexing 
501642 -  POA crashes randomly 
567556 -  POA crashing
551231 -  POA Slow to Load on Windows 2003 Server 
551451 -  POA Crash on Windows 2003 Server 
557872 -  POA Crash When Users Proxy Using Evolution Client
593749 -  POA Abend
553036 -  POA restarting in protected memory - soap callback 
590965 -  POA High Utilization – Shared folder
567714 -  GWPOA GWIMAP-<po name-Handler> Page Fault Processor Exception 
539998 -  CloseScreen called with a screen that is still being used 
594068 -  RIM BES Not Receiving New Emails Via SOAP call to POA 
602504 -  Crash in OFSNotify TCP
567113 -  High utilization.  Server abend on SOAP Threads
572687 -  POA Segfault
557999 -  Core in POA 

Protocol IMAP and SOAP

535792 -  IMAP rfc822.size command performance enhancement for emails with an existing mime.822 attachment 
559259 -  Subject searches should be substring searches, not word match searches 
554347 -  SOAP doesn't return the folder tree 
603531 -  From address can be changed to anything
589990 -  Message from MotoQ doesn't show From: 
551181 -  A space in a domain name causes EA01 Error streaming attachments during GMS sync. 

SDK C3PO and Object API

564162 -  ItemSend token fails to return a valid Send Token ID if the user has enabled the “Check spelling before send” option. 
564164 -  Appointments / Tasks with an empty body does not produce a valid MIME content 
564167 -  MIME does not contain the data related to OLE attachments 
569316 -  Unable to get the message GroupWise Object API for an All Day Appointment 
583337 -  Missing test header - ItemGetMimeXField() 
554932 -  Name Completion Control under GroupWise 8 only returns first character of each field 
613064 -  Protect Attachment access causes hung threads
612357 -  DISTRIBUTE_DATE erroneously added to a field array
594915 -  Trying to restart the Object API may crash 
594913 -  If caller ever asks for IID_ISupportErrorInfo, Object API may crash 


586934 -  Getting unusable error message in Webaccess Address Book 
586968 -  Missing search button in Webaccess LDAP Address Book 
586547 -  Missing close button in Webaccess "Address Book Options" 
586607 -  Cancel button in Address Book overlapping "first name" 
607226 -  Drafts not getting cleared from the Work in Progress folder when Retain software is installed
557353 -  Work in Progress folder always prompts with "you have unsaved messages" 
588262 -  Drag and drop not working in Webaccess with space in username 
564785 -  Logging into Webaccess with "firstname lastname" will show posted tasks/appointments empty 
547410 -  Replies to some messages using Safari browser sends blank message body 
586210 -  Space in username will open empty email doing a resend 
592803 -  Difficult to drag items into folders using IE 8
560205 -  Next button in web access client display wrong email 
592385 -  French WebAccess client shows logout instead of quitter
583929 -  GWINTER crash on OES2 server
541576 -  Core in GWINTER
553925 -  WebAccess abends 
548974 -  Cores in GWINTER
555115 -  Cores in GWINTER
575942 -  WebAccess Application on IIS fails to load servlet if web server not on C: drive 
608868 -  Checkboxes added to message list
581399 -  Segmentation Fault
558350 -  Subject and attachments do not appear on Printer View and printed page
598323 -  Segmentation Fault
570620 -  Proxy into another mailbox with IE8 and User with “ß” in username fails 
556167 -  Unable to set proxy in lastname, firstname environment
603307 -  Unable to save a user due to internet addressing allowed formats
570620 -  User with extended characters cannot be proxied to with IE8
552139 -  Abends in DVA
559684 -  Double clicking to view mail in Webaccess opens two windows instead of one