Asynchronous Input/Output Drivers

The following list of AIO drivers contains information you need to complete the fields in the Port Information dialog box, as described in Gathering I/O Port Driver Information for NetWare. The list includes the hardware type (assigned by Novell®) and the number of ports each driver supports. If the number of ports varies or is unknown, a 0 is listed.]

AIO TCP for IP Drivers (aiotcp.nlm)
AIO TSM for ISDN Drivers (aiotsm.nlm)
Arnet Corporation 8 Port SmartPort (aiospdrv.nlm)
Arnet Corporation 8-128 Port ComStack (aiocsdrv.nlm)
Artisoft Central Station Printer Driver (aiocsprt.nlm)
Computone Corporation 16 Port IntelliPort (aioctone.nlm)
Comtrol 4/8/16 Port Hostess-186 (aiohst.nlm)
Comtrol 4 Port RocketPort Adapter (aiorckt.nlm)
Comtrol 8 Port RocketPort Adapter (aiorckt.nlm)
Comtrol 16 Port RocketPort Adapter (aiorckt.nlm)
Comtrol 32 Port RocketPort Adapter (aiorckt.nlm)
Cubix 8 Port MP2008 Multiport Comm board (aiocubix.nlm)
Digi 1-512 Port Terminal Server (aiodgts.nlm)
Digi 2/4/8/16 Port PX/Xe,PC/Xi,MC/Xi (aiodgxi.nlm)
Digi 8-128 Port PC/Xm and PC/Xem (aiodgxem.nlm)
Digi 16-128 Port C/X Cluster (aiodgcx.nlm)
Digi EPC/X System (aiodgepc.nlm)
Equinox SSP 1-1024 Port Super Serial Port (aioeqnx.nlm)
Fujitsu FMR 1-5 Port Comx (Japan) (aiocomxf.nlm)
Hayes 1-2 Port ESP Comm Accelerator (aioespca.nlm)
Hayes 2 Port Enhanced Serial Port (aioesp.nlm)
IBM 1-4 Port Comx (ISA,EISA,MCA) (aiocomx.nlm)
IBM Artic (aioartic.nlm)
Microdyne 4 Port WNIM+ (aiownim.nlm)
Microdyne 8 Port WNIM3000 (aiownim3.nlm)
Multitech ISI608 8 Port (ISA) (aioisix.nlm)
Newport Systems 8 Port ACI (aioaci.nlm)
Newport Systems XCI (aioxci.nlm)
Stallion 4 Port Brumby (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 4 Port ONboard (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 4 Port ONboard2 (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 8 Port ONboard/E (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 8 Port ONboard (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 8 Port ONboard2 (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 8 Port ONboard/E (aiostln.nlm)
Stallion 8-64 Port EasyConnection (EISA) (aioeasy.nlm)
Stallion 8-64 Port EasyConnection (ISA) (aioeasy.nlm)
Stallion 8-64 Port EasyConnection (MCA) (aioeasy.nlm)
Technology Concepts 2 Port PCC/MX (aiotcl.nlm)
Technology Concepts 8 Port PCC/8i (aiotcl.nlm)
Technology Concepts 8 Port Superport-186 (aiotcl.nlm)
Virtual AIO driver (aiovaio.nlm)
X.25 PAD (aiopad.nlm)
Xircom 4/8 Port Access Server (aioxrcm1.nlm)