What is the GroupWise Async Gateway?

The Novell® GroupWise® 7 Async Gateway connects GroupWise domains and users by way of modems and phone lines.

When you connect GroupWise domains using the Async Gateway, the domains can be part of your local GroupWise system, or you can use the Async Gateway to connect domains in separate GroupWise systems so that the GroupWise systems are connected using the Async Gateway. The Async Gateway can be installed in a primary domain or a secondary domain. The Async Gateway enables the MTAs for the domains to communicate with each other over phone lines.

The following diagram illustrates that the Async Gateway must be installed in both domains that it links together.

Domain-to-domain connection through the Async Gateway

When you connect GroupWise users to your GroupWise system using the Async Gateway, they must run the GroupWise Windows* client in Remote mode, as described in:

The Async Gateway enables the Windows* client to access users' GroupWise mailboxes over phone lines. This can be convenient for users who want to access their GroupWise mailboxes from a hotel room or from home.

Remote client connection through the Async Gateway

If your GroupWise system is large or supports a heavy message load, you might need more than one Async Gateway. You can install additional Async Gateways in the same domain or in different domains, as needed.