Testing the Async Gateway

If you want to test the Async Gateway after it is installed, or if you suspect that your network links might be incorrect, you can test the connectivity of the gateway by sending a message to an unconfigured address. If the message arrives, you can assume that the domain connections, gateway links, port configurations, and modem definitions are all good.

The address syntax for a test message is:

Syntax: your_domain.your_gateway:"loginID":domain. post_office.userID

Example: Headquarters.Async:"Main":Main.Marketing.Jenny

Your Domain: The name of domain where your Async Gateway resides. This element of the syntax is necessary only if you are using GroupWise in a different domain than where the Async Gateway resides.

Your Gateway: The name of the Async Gateway installed at your site.

Login ID: The remote gateway's login ID for the connection. It must match the login ID of the domain connection.

Domain: The GroupWise domain of the GroupWise user you are addressing.

Post Office: The GroupWise post office of the GroupWise user you are addressing.

User ID: The GroupWise user ID of the individual, group, or resource you are addressing.