3.8 Selecting User Address Type and Format

By default, every Exchange user will have a GroupWise-type address with the following format:


GWise is the default Exchange address type created for the GroupWise system. You can change it if needed.


Under Item 11: GroupWise Address Type in Exchange System, mark whether you want to use the default address type (GWise) or specify the address type name you want to use.

Exchange user addresses are generated automatically when you start the Exchange Gateway, using the format shown above. As described earlier, the Installation program maps the name of the Exchange organization to the GroupWise domain portion of the address, the name of the Exchange site or administrative group on the server to the post office portion of the address, and the Exchange user mailbox name to the GroupWise user ID portion of the address.

The recommendation is to use Exchange mailbox names as GroupWise user IDs. However, if this is not possible for some reason, the following variables can be used to specify the information you want to appear in the GroupWise user IDs:




Mailbox name (default)




Given name


Display name

%r char1 char2

Replace char1 with char2


Per cent sign character

Preferably, the GroupWise user IDs should include the Exchange mailbox names along with whatever other information you want to provide. For example, “%m_%d” would create GroupWise user IDs that consist of the Exchange mailbox names and users’ display names.


Under Item 14: Exchange User Address Format, mark whether you want to use the default GroupWise user ID format (Exchange mailbox name) or specify the format you want to use.