5.11 Checking the Password Synchronization Status for a User

You can determine whether the Distribution Password for a specific user is the same as the password in the connected system.

  1. In iManager, select Passwords > Check Password Status.

  2. Browse to and select a user.

The Check Password Status task causes the driver to perform a Check Object Password action.

Not all drivers support password check. Those that do must contain a password-check capability in the driver's manifest. iManager does not allow password check operations to be sent to drivers that do not contain this capability in the manifest.

The Check Object Password action checks the Distribution Password. If the Distribution Password is not being updated, Check Object Password might report that passwords are not synchronized.

The Distribution Password is not updated if either of the following occurs:

NOTE:Keep in mind that for the Identity Vault, the Check Password Status action checks the NDS Password instead of the Universal Password. Therefore, if the user's password policy does not specify to synchronize the NDS Password with the Universal Password, the passwords are always reported as being not synchronized. In fact, the Distribution Password and the password on the connected system might be in sync, but Check Password Status won't be accurate unless both the NDS Password and the Distribution Password are synchronized with the Universal Password.