6.3 Installing a Product Activation Credential

You should install the Product Activation Credential via iManager. The following procedures explain how to install the Product Activation Credential.

  1. Open the Novell e-mail that contains the Product Activation Credential.

  2. Do one of these steps:

    • Save the Product Activation Credential file.


    • Open the Product Activation Credential file, then copy the contents of the Product Activation Credential to your clipboard.

  3. Open iManager.

  4. Choose Identity Manager Utilities > Install Activation.

  5. Select the driver set or browse to a driver set, then click Next.

  6. If the driver set is not associated with a server or is associated with multiple servers, select a server to associate with a driver set, then click Next.

    The installation dialog box appears.

  7. Do one of these steps:

    • Specify where you saved the Identity Manager Activation Credential, then click Next.


    • Paste the contents of the Identity Manager Activation Credential into the text area, then click Next.

  8. Click Finish.

NOTE:You need to activate each driver set that has a driver. You can activate any tree with the generic credential.