10.4 GenericNull Services Driver

The GenericNull Services driver provides a minimal driver that allows a driver shim to be set up to perform tasks that are completely implemented in policy. It is similar to the GenericLoopBack driver in the function it serves. It is different in one important way: it does not connect the Subscriber channel to the Publisher channel, but rather acts as a sink for most operations, simulates doing something with operations, but returning success. The only information sent on the Publisher channel to the Identity Manager engine is the driver heartbeat.

The GenericNull Services driver is automatically installed when you install the Metadirectory Server option using the Identity Manager installation program. The driver runs on the platforms supported by Identity Manager and the Remote Loader service. The driver does not require a separate activation. When you activate the Metadirectory engine, the driver is also activated.

A base configuration of the driver does not contain much information:

Typical usage of the GenericNull Services Driver includes the following:

To configure the GenericNull Services driver :

  1. In iManager, select Identity Manager Utilities > Import Configuration.

  2. Select a driver set, then click Next.

    If you place this driver in a new driver set, you must specify a driver set name, context, and associated server.

  3. Select how you want the driver configurations sorted:

    • All configurations

    • Identity Manager 3.5 configurations

    • Identity Manager 3.0 configurations

    • Configurations not associated with an IDM version

  4. Select GenericNull-IDM_3_5_1 Driver, then click Next.

  5. Specify a name for the driver, then click Next.

  6. Define security equivalences for the driver and exclude administrative roles from replication, then click Next.

  7. Read the summary, then click Finish.