6.5 Setting Default Pages for Groups

You can assign a default container page and a default shared page for any authorized group of users. These settings affect the container page those users see when they log in and the shared page they see on the container page.

When users belong to multiple groups with default page assignments, Navigation Priority is used in determining which container page and shared page to display.

To assign a default container page or a default shared page to a group:

  1. Open a page on the Maintain Container Pages panel or the Maintain Shared Pages panel, then click the Set As Default page task (at the bottom of the panel).

    The Page Defaults dialog box displays in a new browser window:

  2. Specify values for the following search settings:


    What to do

    Search for

    Groups is automatically selected.

    Starts with

    If you want to:

    • Find all available groups, then make this setting blank.

    • Find a subset of those groups, then enter the starting characters of the CN values you want. (Case is not considered. Wildcards are not supported.)

      For example, searching for groups that start with S would narrow your search results to something like this: cn=Sales,ou=groups,o=MyOrg cn=Service,ou=groups,o=MyOrg cn=Shipping,ou=groups,o=MyOrg

      Searching for groups that start with Se would return: cn=Service,ou=groups,o=MyOrg

  3. Click Go.

    The results of your search appear in the Results list.

  4. Select the groups for whom this page is to be a default, then click the Add (>) button.

    Hold down the Ctrl key to make multiple selections.

  5. Click Save, then click Close.