4.1 DirXML Script

DirXML® Script is the primary method of implementing Identity Manager policies. It describes a policy that is implemented by an ordered set of rules. A rule consists of a set of conditions to be tested and an ordered set of actions to be performed when the conditions are met.

DirXML Script is created using the Policy Builder, which provides a GUI interface for easy use.

Identity Manager is an XML-based application, and DirXML Script uses XML documents to modify and manipulate the data being sent between the Identity Vault and the external data store. To understand DirXML Script, you need to understand XML. For more information on XML, see the W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web site.

DirXML Script has a document type definition (DTD) that defines how DirXML Script works. To read the DTDs that Identity Manager uses, see Identity Manager 3.5.1 DTD Reference . It contains the following DTDs: