3.8 Operation Data Caching

The mechanism that is available for required operation data caching is the <operation-data> element. Because you might need to provision the SecureLogin account from either an <add> or <modify-password> command, a logical place to implement the non-static data caching policy is in the Subscriber Command Transformation policy. The following example shows a typical SecureLogin Provisioning <operation-data> element:

<operation-data> <nsl-sync-data> <nsl-target-user-dn> cn=GLCANYON,ou=finance,dc=prod,dc=testco,dc=com </nsl-target-user-dn> <nsl-app-username>GCANYON</nsl-app-username> <password><!-- content suppressed --></password> <nsl-passphrase-answer>50024222</nsl-passphrase-answer> </nsl-sync-data> </operation-data>

In the sample Finance department scenario from Figure 2-1, the following values are needed to populate the operation data payload: