4.1 Action Builder

The Action Builder enables you to add, view, and delete the actions that make up a rule. Action can also contain other actions.

4.1.1 Creating an Action

  1. In the Policy Builder, create a new rule or edit and existing rule.

  2. Double-click the Actions tab to launch the Action Builder.

    Actions tab
  3. Select the desired action from the drop-down list, then click OK.

4.1.2 Additional Options for the Action Builder

  1. Right-click the action to see the additional options:

    Action builder additional options
    • New > Insert Action Before: Adds a new action before the current action.

    • New > Insert Action After: Adds a new action after the current action.

    • Edit: Launches the Action Builder.

    • Move the selected item up: Moves the selected action up in the order of execution.

    • Move the selected item down: Moves the selected action down in the order of execution.

    • Cut, Copy, Paste, or Delete an Action: Cuts, copies, pastes, or deletes the action.

    • Undo or Redo: Undoes or redoes the last action.

    • Preferences: Allows you to set default functionality in the Policy Builder.

    • Help: Select an action, then click the Help icon to see information specific to that action.