4.6 Match Attribute Builder

The Match Attribute Builder enables you to select attributes and values used by the Find Matching Object action to determine if a matching object exists in a data store.

For example, if you wanted to match users based on a common name and a location:

  1. Select the action of find matching object.

  2. Select the scope of the search for the matching objects. Select from entry, subordinates, or subtree.

  3. Specify the DN of the starting point for the search.

  4. Click the Edit match attributes icon to launch the Match Attribute Builder.

    Edit match attributes icon
  5. Click the Browse attributes Browse attributes icon icon to launch the Schema Browser.

  6. Click the Attributes tab, then browse to and select the desired attribute.

    Attributes tab
  7. Click OK.

    If you want to add more than one attribute, click the Append new item icon Append new item icon to add another line.

    Match Attribute Builder
  8. Click Finish.

The Match Attribute Builder also allows you to specify another value, instead of using the value from the current object. Select Other Value instead of Use values from current object, to use a different value. There are multiple value types to specify:

To use the Other Value:

  1. Launch the Match Attribute Builder, then select Other Value.

    Match Attribute Builder Other Value
  2. Select the desired value type.

  3. Specify the value, then click OK.