4.14 Namespace Editor

The Policy Builder enables you to use multiple XML namespaces within your XML documents. To define a namespace, specify the namespace prefix in the Name field, and the URI in the URI field. Leave the Java Extension check box deselected.

You can also access Java* classes through XPath using XML namespaces. To create a namespace for a Java class, specify the namespace prefix in the Name field, the class name in the URI field, and select the Java Extension check box.

Figure 4-11 Namespace Editor

4.14.1 Accessing Java Classes Using Namespaces

Novell provides several Identity Manager Java classes that can be called using XPath expressions from the Policy Builder. The following links open Javadoc references for these Java classes:

The Java Developer Kit (JDK*) also provides several useful classes, such as java.lang.String, and java.lang.System. References for these classes are available with the JDK.

For additional information on using XPath and the Novell Java classes listed above, consult the DirXML Driver Developer Kit.